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Post by Destral on Wed Mar 23, 2011 4:57 pm

Forum Rules

I have made these rules as relaxed as possible.

* No insulting, flaming or trolling of other forum members. Teasing in a fun manner is allowed, however if they ask you to stop, please do so.
* No discrimination of any kind.
* No links to offensive sites.
* Absolutely no spam.
* Posting of pornographic material is forbidden.
* Respect the staff at all times.
* No gambling or solicitation for money.
* Please do not necro (that is, bump old threads) unless you have something useful to add.
* No double accounts under any circumstance. If you have forgotten your password, you are given the option to reset it.
* If you have any questions or concerns about the forum, or one of its members, feel free to PM a staff member. They are here to help you.


If someone is breaking the rules, the staff will discuss how to best deal with the situation. Generally, there is a 3-strike system. Strike one will result in a warning from one of the staff. Strike two will be a temporary ban for a set amount of time. Strike three will result in a permanent ban. Follow the forum rules, and hopefully we wont have this problem. Right? RIGHT?!

Addition and Removal of Rules

The members of this forum respect that the staff have the right to add or remove rules at any given time. However, should a member consider a rule to be "overboard," they may (politely) write a petition to repeal a rule in the General Discussion forum. Petitions to repeal a rule will generally last for about 3-7 days. If over 50% of the votes are for removal of said rule, the rule will be removed and revised. If over 50% of the votes are against removal, the rule will stay. Ties will be broken by the staff.


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